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Hi, I am Sirui. I am an Art Director/Designer with a Strategy understanding. I grew up in Lima, Peru - South America. Currently, I am pursuing a MA at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California.

Welcome to my book of projects!

_ Some other facts:

I love aesthetics, the great outdoors, sports (rollerblading, diving, horseriding, etc.), product ideas, and anything that is exciting. Languages and cultures are things I find very fascinating that connects almost everything on this earth. Especially meeting people with different minds is very nourishing.

I did an International Business degree previously and it opened my eyes to a broader spectrum, beyond global marketing foundations I learned the importance of a deeper understanding of culture and the impact it can generate in human psychology and behavior. The connection of colors, aesthetics, and art to the design elements is a nice powerful tool for problem-solving making things more appealing playful, and interactive. Brings an idea to life and maybe changes the perspective from a problem into an opportunity.


Creativity tastes like movement, it is challenging but thinking beyond the conventional is interesting, it is like thinking out of the box inside the box. There is this constant inspiration and evolution that gets very exciting. When it becomes an obsession it becomes quite addictive. Empathy aids, with a deeper understanding of human needs, truths, and the changing of consumer preferences/perceptions. 


Feel free to reach out, don't be a stranger. Always looking forward to amazing projects.

Let's have coffee, chat a bit and figure out things together, it can be fun!